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Read today's horoscope for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. helpful guidance you need to confront the trials & tribulations you face daily. Love Compatibility.
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Money & Career

Down the truth serum, but chase it with a shot of tact. You may not be in full-on outgoing-Sagittarius mode as peace-seeking Venus dips into Scorpio, your restful twelfth house, until November 1.

Daily Horoscope

Leave the all-night dance parties and marathon training to the others. Don't feel guilty RSVPing a few regrets and opening up your social calendar.

You've been running on fumes, and you need to recharge. When you do go out, be selective about what events you attend since you'll be hypersensitive to noise—and other people's energy. Book a salon appointment or slip off for a restorative massage.

You need to get yourself back to a centered place before you can be productive again. Take your slippers to work today, Sagittarius, and that loose-leaf tea press too.

The Sagittarius Symbol: Archer (Centaur/Centaurides)

You might be inspired to soften up the decor in your spaces, adding a spiritual or ethereal touch. A hunk of amethyst, a vintage lithograph, an Ikat throw: Little touches like these will go a long way toward adding more sensuality to your space.

Domestic bliss: interrupted? A tricky moon-Jupiter square could upend your personal life today.

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A roommate or house guest could also be cramping your style. Uncomfortable as it is, you need to gently but firmly set boundaries.

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